Copyright & Reproduction Requests

Thank you for your interest in Ben Enwonwu’s work. Please fill the form below to submit a copyright request. Kindly include all information necessary for us to understand your project(s) and related image needs.

The Foundation will review the submitted information and if we approve your request, will prepare a written license agreement. The Foundation requires copies of the item(s) with the reproduction, and in some cases, high-resolution image(s) of the work(s) in exchange for permission to reproduce.

Please note that images may not be cropped, manipulated, bled or distorted, overprinted, airbrushed, printed in coloured ink or altered unless prior written approval from the Foundation is delivered to the Licensee. A sample layout should accompany a request for an exception.

In addition, the cover design, details, labelling, credit line, colour proofs of works for which an image is provided by the Foundation must be submitted for final approval prior to publication. The same restrictions apply if a third party provides the image.

Details may be published for educational purposes; however, they must be labelled as such and a reproduction of the work in its entirety must be published within the publication.

Digital Image Fees

Digital image file (300 dpi TIFF): $100

Please note that this is the base order fee for each image. Total fees for image orders are comprised of both the base fees for each image, plus the reproduction fees. The intended use of the images will determine the specific reproduction fees for your order (see lists below). In some cases, suitable images may not exist for some works in our collection. Please allow at least 4–6 weeks for new photograph to be completed for your order. Fees are variable.

If you are interested in free, lower resolution images for educational or scholarly research, or if you are a non-profit and want to learn more about our reduced usage rates, please contact us at:

Fees for Print Catalogues & Textbooks

Up to 5,000                                        $100

5,001– 15,000                                   $125

15,001 –40,000                                $150

40,001 –80,000                                $200

80,001–120,000                               $400

Over 120,001                                     TBD

Cover Art Fees (catalogues and textbooks)           $400 for colour

Fees for other Print Media

Magazine Covers                               $300

Magazine Interiors                           $150

Calendar Covers                                $400

Calendar Interiors                            $300

Scholarly Journals                             $30

Commercial but Educational         $200

Notecards & Postcards                    $300

Posters                                                   $300

Brochures                                              $200

Digital Usage Fees

Public/Education TV                        $75

Documentary Film                            $100

Video/DVD (non-profit)                  $75

Video/DVD (for profit)                    $150

Website (non-profit)                        $50

Website (for profit)                          $75

E-Book                                                  $125

Note About Fees, Payment, & Processing

Reproduction fees are based on print run and project use. Prices are based on one-time editions, world rights (all languages) for texts. Each use/project is priced individually upon submitting of a formal request via letter or electronic order form. In some cases, prices are negotiable and package rates may apply.

We will not grant rights for “all media now known or hereafter devised.” Even if you are applying for a package rate, please list all media that are projected for production at that time. Digital reproductions must be low resolution (72 dpi) and/or password protected for website usage; CD-DVDs must employ encryption protections. Permissions cannot be granted in perpetuity.

Payment is Required for all Orders Prior to Receiving the Image
Orders are payable through check, credit card (MasterCard or Visa), or wire transfer (additional fee). Please allow a minimum of 3–4weeks processing time with regular service.

Reuse or additional medium (e-book, online version of print publication): 50% of original fee.

Rush Service
An additional $50.00 fee will be applied to orders needed within two weeks. Rush service is not available on all orders, including new photography.

A $50.00 non-refundable fee will be applied to cancellations made after payment is received.

Please submit all requests to info@benenwonwufoundation.org.

In order to process your request, kindly fill the following:

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