Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Does the Foundation have a library that I can use?
A: Yes, the Foundation has a library and research facilities.
The Foundation is presently updating its archives. For general information about Enwonwu, his life and times, please contact Mr Oliver Enwonwu, Executive Director: oliver@benenwonwufoundation.org , +234 802 362 3526

Q: Can the public see art works by Ben Enwonwu that the Foundation currently owns?
A: Yes, the largest single collection of his work is on display at the Art Center in the artist’s home.

Q: Can I use Enwonwu imagery in advertisements or in other commercial ways such as licensing merchandise.
A: Please contact Oliver Enwonwu, Executive Director: oliver@benenwonwufoundation.org , +234 818 455 3331,+234 803 312 9276

Q: I’d like to reproduce several paintings by Ben Enwonwu in a book that I’m writing. Can you tell me how I can get permission to do this?
A: The Ben Enwonwu Foundation controls the copyrights to Ben Enwonwu’s art works. The is regardless of who owns specific works of art. Anyone wishing to reproduce Ben Enwonwu in a newspaper, book or research paper should contact The Ben Enwonwu Foundation. Please contact Oliver Enwonwu, Executive Director: oliver@benenwonwufoundation.org , +234 818 455 3331

Q: Does the Foundation sell Ben Enwonwu-related merchandises such as T-shirts, posters, postcards, and notepads?
A: Yes, The Ben Enwonwu Foundation sells an extensive range of products at her gift shop at the art center.

Q: Does The Ben Enwonwu Foundation purchase artwork by Enwonwu?
A: Yes, the Foundation purchases work by Ben Enwonwu and sells only limited edition prints of his paintings.

Q: Does the Foundation accept gifts of Ben Enwonwu’s art works or memorabilia?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: How can I authenticate works by Ben Enwonwu?
A: Authentication of Ben Enwonwu’s work is available through The Ben Enwonwu Foundation. Please send enquiries to Oliver Enwonwu, Executive Director: oliver@benenwonwufoundation.org 

For enquiries: info@benenwonwufoundation.org